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Posting Guidelines

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default Posting Guidelines

Post by Iikagen Himegimi on Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:19 am


1. No S.P.A.M.M.I.N.G unless it is in a certified S.P.A.M.M.I.N.G corner in the forum.(post containing 7 words or less are considered spam)

2. No flaming of other members
If you are upset over a matter, PM a Moderator or Admin and they will settle the problem for you. Do NOT start a thread defaming anyone just because you are upset with another member.

3. Advertising
Do not advertise in this site! If we see you doing it we shall ban/infract you.

4. Discrimination
This is a lot like flaming but it focuses on whole group like a race, religion etc.

5. Illegal content
No asking for illegal content or downloads. Discussing this is also not allowed.

6. Hacking
No discussion about hacking. You are also not allowed to threaten users by saying you'll hack their account.

7. Harassing
This includes continuously PMing members for personal information or sending them sexual pictures.

8. Impersonation
Do not pretend to be an administrator, moderator or anything else. Do not use other people's e-mail addresses while registering

9. Copyright
You cannot post content from other sites or something another person has made without giving them the proper credit they deserve.

10. Do Not be disrespectful to Staff
If you think a moderator is wrong then PM another moderator or administrator about it. Do not make public discussions about it. No disrespecting of staff (this includes ex-staff) shall be tolerated.

11. No Mini-Modding

Normal users are not allowed to tell users that they are going against the rules, going off-topic etc. This job is for a mod.

12. Abbreviations

We do not allow abbreviations (hv, 2day, u etc.) simple lolz and others are ok and if you have a long post you can write "u" and other abbreviations but no more.

Chatbox Rules

All the rules of the site must be followed

1.Don't post large images

Doing so stretches the chatbox and makes it difficult for some users to use the chatbox also don't post a really long word it also stretches the chatbox (like "yaaaaaaaaaaaaa... with many more a's following it)

Avatar, Signature and Image posting rules

All site rules should be followed

1. Keep all the content appropriate

No pornography, racism, discrimination etc is allowed in avatar, signatures and images.

2. Signature Limits
The maximum size of a signature pic is 500x200 Pixels. Also, you are allowed two lines of text. If you are not sure your signature fits the rules, PM a staff member about it.

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default Re: Posting Guidelines

Post by Tsumi on Sat May 23, 2009 5:35 pm


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