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Favorite Video Game?

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default Favorite Video Game?

Post by Tsumi on Fri May 22, 2009 5:32 am

I have two. In order:
1-Final Fantasy VII (The best FF, and RPG game to date! It made RPG mainstream, So yea, it pwns!)
2-Tales of Symphonia (Epic game, and the best out of the "Tales of" Series! Kratos FTW!)

Anyways, tell us your fave game or two!

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default Re: Favorite Video Game?

Post by Vedu_king2 on Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:41 pm

well,i dint almost play every game in my life Razz

(i got a PS2 as a b'day gift for my b'day this month!!)

PC games i like the most : age of empires-all parts (get boring after completing once)
room zoom-race for impact
spiderman-1 & 2 parts

GBA games i like the most : megaman and bass
Battle B-Daman-1st and fire spirits,both
Bat-Man - Rise Of The Sin Tzu
Rayman Advance
Beyblade G-revolution
Digimon Battle Spirits
American Dragon Jake Long - The Rise Of The Huntsclan
Naruto-Ninja Council

PS2 games i love the most (i have only 3 games :(:( )
Hanuman : boy warrior
KillZone (tm)
Harry Potter : Goblet Of Fire

phew!tired of typing

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