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Unfaithfull (a ruru original)

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default Unfaithfull (a ruru original)

Post by ceribee on Fri May 08, 2009 1:02 pm

This kinda happened to me back two years ago if i remember clearly, so yeah XD

i have 8 chapters of this, but i'll post the 1st one first XD


Chapter One
I love you


That’s the only word to describe us, you, me, and what we used to be…


*Walking all alone had never felt so different, it’s like missing a part of you that was once you’re everyday. Every special place you know seems to have lost it’s significance. It’s the moment when you realize that everything means nothing, nothing at all…*

An online love story I read, love, is there even such a thing…

“I love you…” He typed, “LOL, me too.”… three words I can never say without meaning it. I just can’t say it, “I love you” never seemed so meaningless and pathetic. “Damn I miss you. Can you go here today?” He typed, “I cant I don’t have money. I only have like 70 pesos left.” I don’t wanna go there yet, I can’t, if you’re interested even a bit in even pursuing me, you should be the one going here and to think you can say words “I love you” without even meaning it, how pathetic... “You just don’t wanna see me, are you ashamed of me?” he typed. “No, that’s not it, I really don’t have enough money.” I really don’t have enough money, why do you have to ask me twice, once is enough, once is understandable. “You always deny me.” He typed, “You’re over reacting over nothing” words I wish I could have typed. What is it about love and drama, I don’t get it, why are they connected, isn’t it easier to love without going through all that. “…” It seemed like he left already, why are you always so stubborn and dramatic, sometimes I feel like you’re the girl.

“You still there?” later on I’d type something to keep drama flowing on and on, I hate how things are, like really, I hate his drama. “Yeah.” He’d type back, “So how you doing?” I then ask, just to keep it going on. “I’m just waiting for you to say something again.” I hate how he doesn’t understand English very well, since English isn’t really our first language. “That’s not what I asked, I asked how you’re doing, not what you’re doing.” I typed back, I don’t get it. What did he even like about me? He does say I am the only person that understands him. But in reality, I’m the least he should expect to understand since I don’t even understand my self well enough on why I should still be with him. “…” I guess he’s dramatizing again. “*phegz signed out*” Then there would be times like this. For a person very numb such as I am, I never thought were that much alike.

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